Paul Bissex

Selected Portfolio

Lionbridge OnDemand Translation Portal

Technology: Django, PostgreSQL, Django REST Framework, Amazon Web Services

Summary: Provide a translation services portal with both a browser-based interface and a powerful API. API allowed customers to integrate translation services into their corporate content management systems.

Notes: I enhanced performance of management interface for sales and operations staff, and implemented dynamic service rates based on source/target language combinations.

Cox Media Group sites

Technology: Django, PostgreSQL, Solr, Jenkins, Akamai

Summary: Core web and mobile publishing platform for all newspaper, radio, and TV properties of a large national media corporation. About 40 million pageviews per day. Integrated with dozens of vendor services for weather, traffic, police mug shots, school closings, SMS and email alerting...

Notes: I spent several full-time weeks in the CMG Software Innovations Lab (like Google "20% time" or Apple "Blue Sky") developing a versioning feature for the CMS.

Technology: Django, SQLite, nginx, Gunicorn, Fabric, jQuery

Summary: A programmer pastebin. Uses "private" (unguessable) URLs for all items. Items are not publicly listed, making spam invisible. Cookie-based sessions allow users to set preferences without logging in, and to delete or change expiry on their recent posts. Offers a REST API for item creation.

Notes: Major application upgrade performed in May 2014 with no downtime. Legacy REST API is still used by Django's built-in error page for sharing troubleshooting information.

Hallmark Alumni

Technology: Django, MySQL, Apache mod_python

Summary: Social and information hub for alumni. Facilitates alumni connections through searchable and browsable directory. Provide editable member profiles with automatically resized images.

Notes: Replaced a PHP site created by an outside vendor, retaining the legacy database schema and active data.

Hallmark Housing

Technology: Django, MySQL, Apache mod_python

Summary: Help enrolled students for the upcoming academic year find rental properties in the local area. Collect data via a detailed questionnaire to help students evaluate roommate compatibility. Give housing coordinator ability to track communications with students and review questionnaire data. Handle images in various formats submitted by landlords.

Notes: Migrated landlord and property data from existing desktop database. Added group-email system for sending news and help to selected groups of users.

Hallmark attendance and equipment loan system

Technology: Django, MySQL, Apache mod_wsgi. Now open source.

Summary: Multi-faceted system for operation of a trade school. Attendance recording and reporting. Student ID data. Vehicle parking permits. Equipment lending library.

Notes: Replaced several FileMaker databases, a proprietary MS Access app, many Excel spreadsheets, and lots of paper and tedious manual processes. Interface designed for busy non-technical instructional staff.

Technology: Django, nginx, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, jQuery

Summary: A "penny auction" site modeled after Dynamic, continually updated pages. Tools allowed customer support staff to monitor site activity in real time, and let managers adjust operation of the running site.

Yiddish Book Center

Technology: PHP, MySQL, Apache

Summary: Website for the largest and fastest-growing Jewish cultural organization in America. Included tools to allow administrative personnel to edit web content easily. Integrated with third-party services for sales of books and event tickets, book content search, and member management.

Notes: After their successful 25th-anniversary campaign raised over $25 million, the Book Center stepped up to using a larger team to produce and manage their web presence. I served as a consultant in this process, evaluating vendor proposals and helping plan content migration.